Death of the Kiwi dream - a renters rant


This post comes to you from a pretty dark place. The blonde kiwi and I have been rejected from another flat application. This brings us up to two months of trawling property listings, hours and hours of viewings and filling in forms - all to remain homeless. 

When did this happen New Zealand? In what day and age is it near to impossible for two double income earners with no pets, no kids and no bad credit to rent a home? I knew that we wouldn't be able to afford to buy a house in Auckland for the next couple of years and had made peace with that but to be shut out of the rental market? I was not prepared. 

I'm sure plenty of people will assume that we are being too picky but I have to say that is truly not the case. There hasn't been one single house that has ticked all of our (pretty standard) requirements and there have been far too many that wouldn't live up to anyone's expectations - think dripping wet ceilings, mould, the works. What's worse is the amount of rent these places are charging. It's unrealistic and not fair. The prices on rental properties are just as out of control as those for sale. 

So far we have applied for two compromises and been rejected from both. After yet another viewing yesterday we are now back to square one. The prospect of spending another weekend looking at ad after ad is not appealing right now. At this point I'm feeling so demoralised that I fear we'll end up having to settle on something we don't really want just so we can stop putting others out. 

It's not all about me though. We're the lucky ones who have options and can potentially settle on something halfway decent (we hope). There are those out there who are living in cars with their families and my heart goes out to them. 

It's particularly a shock to me because I've been out of the country for the past three years. Coming back and adjusting to what they call 'average; rent prices has been one thing but I was also reminded of the lack of insulation and heating in kiwi homes. It's not good enough. It's making our kids sick... and those are the ones who are lucky enough to actually have a roof over their heads. 

During time spent overseas it seems I had idealised New Zealand in my head and Auckland is massively disappointing me right now. I've tried to put a brave face on it for the past couple of months as we settle back in but at this point I'm so tired of trying and we are far from settled. Auckland is broken and the Government needs to bloody well step up and do something about it.

Sorry to be such a downer but it's just so heartbreaking to come home to paradise only to find that the lifestyle we dreamed of whilst riding the sweaty, overcrowded tube in London is potentially going to have to stay a dream for now. There's only so much joy that perfect flat whites and pies can bring when you're a kiwi without a nest...

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