Valentine’s day was on Sunday and naturally it made me think about relationships, mine in particular. There was no breakfast in bed and roses delivered to my door in the morning. The only present I woke up to was a full load of washing. And did I care? Nup! Because Valentine’s is utter BS in my humble opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice thought to have a day set aside to spoil the special someone in your life but personally I’m far more touched when this happens in a spontaneous manner. The thought of the blonde kiwi rushing about trying to find something heart shaped and pink only to satisfy social convention (indulging mass corporate greed in the process) doesn’t appeal. I would be far more stoked if he offered to make dinner.

That makes me sound like a dried up old prune perhaps but I just think that once you’re in a long term relationship and all the pressure to impress has elapsed that it’s actually quite a beautiful thing - any day of the week.  

Ofcourse it’s not always rosy and sure sometimes I miss the days when random bunches of flowers appeared on my desk but once that infamous ‘honeymoon phase’ has worn off, what remains is still really great and sometimes you just need to appreciate the simple pleasure in that.

It sounds weird but seemingly insignificant interactions that the blonde kiwi and I have give me so much joy. Take this exchange for example - I had just told TBK that payment for a mudguard for his bike had come out of my account instead of his...

This really sums up our relationship I think. We are silly idiots most of the time but there’s always an undercurrent of care and love.

I often wonder if other couples are as content with being boring as we are. To me there is no better evening together than cuddling up with some takeaway food and a binge worthy TV series. I do love a good romantic meal out so maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot here but there’s something to be said for being able to enjoy good food and great company in the comfort of your grey marl trackpants.

That’s the thing about long term relationships - they kind of are those grey marl trackpants. Cosy, inviting and comforting. Yeah I just compared the love of my life to a chav item of clothing. Soz but hopefully he’ll get what I mean. And he should really, considering he knows all my faults and still puts up with me.  

As we are so at home with each other we feel comfortable enough to establish rules that probably make us look like mad people to others. For example, I’m not allowed to have my feet anywhere near what he deems ‘the pillow zone’ of the bed. Likewise, he is never to touch me while I’m eating. We are both weird individuals and we found each other. Phew.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that ultimately we both respect and love each other and there isn’t a need to shower the relationship with gifts and OTT gestures because deep down we just know.

So no Happy Valentine’s Day for the blonde kiwi - instead Happy Monday! Love you even when the ads aren’t telling me to.

PS: Can you make tea tonight? x

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