We all know the January struggle is real. Well, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway where the pretty lights are ripped from the streets only to be replaced by sullen commuters trudging their way to the job they vowed they'd quit around this time last year. So to cheer myself up, I'm reminiscing about the magical time I had in Budapest this Christmas.  

As with most of my European travels, the whole experience can be summed up by what we ate. Our story begins at Stansted airport...

In the grey of London, after a long delay six little kiwis boarded a RyanAir flight to Budapest.

That Wednesday evening the cold fog descended and pop! out of the airplane came six tired and very hungry little kiwis.

They started to look for some food.

On Wednesday they found the Christmas markets and ate through giant sausages and Hungarian flatbreads stuffed with vegetables, meat and cheese.

Flatbread fillings at Budapest Christmas markets

The delicious sandwiches were pressed flat with piping hot irons ensuring the ultimate cheese ooziness factor.

Hungarian flatbreads

But they were still hungry.

On Thursday they were joined by four more little kiwis who were also very hungry. Together they ate through a Christmas Eve buffet feast at the Corinthia hotel. They ate through plates and plates of cheese, salad, turkey, veges, many many desserts and bottomless glasses of champagne.

Corinthia hotel Budapest buffet dinner
They were also serenaded by an amazing string band who did a cracking cover of Billie Jean and ate through one sparkling birthday cake.

Flaming birthday cake

But they were still hungry.

On Friday it was Christmas and the kiwis were slightly hungover so they had a big breakfast. They ate through stacks of French toast, ham, croissants, bacon, cheese and chocolate.

Christmas breakfast

But they were still hungry.  

Later that evening they went to the traditional Hungarian restaurant Menza and ate through several bowls of Hungarian goulash, stuffed cabbage leaves, plenty of duck and Christmas cocktails.

Christmas cocktail

But they were still hungry.

So they went to Hooters and got wings.

On Saturday the kiwis were very hungry after exploring the beautiful Fisherman’s Bastion on Castle hill.

Fisherman's Bastion Budapest

They then took in a river cruise where it was too foggy to see anything so to cheer themselves up they ate four meat and cheese platters at a very cool wine bar in the city called Doblo.  

But they were still hungry.

So the kiwis continued on to Buddha bar where they shared a banquet meal of sushi, noodles, salads and so much more all washed down with the best Espresso martinis in town.

Buddha bar meal

But they were still hungry.

On Sunday the kiwis were exhausted after spending a harrowing morning at the House of Terror and an afternoon soaking in the Szechenyi baths so they went to the Pizza restaurant across the road from their Air BnB and ate through several average microwaved pizzas. Luckily the night was salvaged with a visit to one of the very cool Ruin bars in the city.

But they were still hungry.

The next day was the kiwis’ last day in Budapest so they went back to the Christmas markets for more flatbreads, (this time of the deep fried with crushed garlic variety) and stick-a-spoon-up-in hot chocolate.

Garlic Hungarian Langos

Now they weren’t hungry anymore and they weren’t little kiwis anymore.

The kiwis wished that they could build a cocoon around themselves and live inside for two weeks where they would emerge as beautiful butterflies.

Unfortunately, they had to go back to London and slog it out at the gym instead. If only Christmas lasted all year.


Budapest Christmas markets

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