I salute you. Really, I do.

I love people watching so public transport is my jam. Actually that’s a lie, I’m a Londoner so naturally I hate it but I do enjoy indulging my voyeuristic tendencies on there from time to time.

The thing with the tube though is that once you step onboard, your soul simultaneously leaps from your body only to join you when you pop back up above ground. Unless of course you’re an office guy who’s had a few too many pints after work on a Thursday, then you’re a bloody laugh mate.

However, most of the time I find myself watching soulless zombies, all with the same deadpan, 'Oh fuck it's only Tuesday' look on their faces. So it’s with great delight when I happen to spy a girl putting on their makeup during my commute.

I’m going to sound like a massive creep here but I find it oddly soothing to watch. Of course it’s not ok to simply stare at someone (in fact it borders on a crime here) but I’ve got the sideways glance down. Please don’t judge me.

The other reason I’m so fascinated by it is the pure admiration for anyone who can put on flicked eyeliner whilst in transit. That shit is impressive. I imagine that those kind of girls really have their life together y’know?

In reality they’re terrible with time management but when they pull out their Dior, Clinique and Mac goodies they look important. It can’t be helped. Side note: I’ve never seen anyone doing makeup en route with shitty brands...this must be a prerequisite to joining the elite tube-makeup-putter-onner club.

It really is quite amazing to watch the transformation from pale, tired looking and dull to rosy, doe eyed and glowing. Maybe this post should really be a salute to makeup from all girls who don it.

Yeah, here's to make up! For helping us look like we've got our shit together in the morning whilst providing a basic form of entertainment - for commuter creeps like me at least.  

Photo credit: Leon Fishman

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