Overweight etiquette

Does this kind of guide exist? Because if so then I think there are some people out there who really need a copy. 

Last night on the tube l was witness to a woman giving up her seat to another lady. This lady wasn’t elderly or disabled, she was simply on the big size and wearing a massive puffer jacket. Jacket lady accepted the seat and thanked the woman but I couldn’t help but feel that she wasn’t actually grateful. The look on her face when she thought the seat giver-upper wasn’t looking was heart breaking. 

After jacket lady got off the tube, I overheard the woman who had given up her seat saying to what looked like her father that she wasn’t sure but had to offer just incase. He then congratulated her on being so polite.

I’m sorry but Dad, you are condoning some messed up manners.

Personally (and I’m sure some will disagree) I think she played this situation all wrong.

Now I am not and have never been pregnant so I can only imagine how absolutely exhausting it is BUT is it better to potentially offend someone who is probably sensitive about their weight anyway or to simply not realise that someone has a bun in the oven?

I have to admit that I feel a bit nervous writing this because I am a small person so I can understand people hating on my opinion (I even feel funny about using the word overweight - is there a better term? If so let me know). That said - you know what, I’m a regular girl which means that I know what it’s like to constantly critique your body. I am hard wired that way. Also, it’s happened to me.  

The blonde kiwi and I had been living in Vietnam for about 6 months and our two primary food groups consisted of rice and beer. I was on the bus to work and wearing a particularly unflattering dress when an elderly lady motioned for me to take her seat. I didn’t even realise what was happening and asked her why when she pointed at me, pushed her tummy out and said ‘You - baby!’ I tried to tell her that she should keep the seat but she was adamant. Oh the awkward. 

I had to laugh at the time as my pot belly would have looked pretty out of place when the majority of Vietnamese women are super small with flat tummies but I'll confess that it made me really self conscious… needless to say that dress made it swiftly into the throwaway pile. 

You may have seen a recent news story where this situation happened to a woman on a flight in New Zealand. The reason why it made global news is because it was a member of Jetstar staff who made the flippant comment. 

Yeah there was backlash against Jetstar and some may say it was blown out of proportion but I think it’s good that the story escalated the way that it did, if only to remind people to think a bit more about others feelings.
Anyway, that’s the end of my wee rant, just had to get that off my chest because when you spend a great amount of time on public transport you’re constantly reminded of how people can be such dicks sometimes.

And to all the lovely preggers ladies in London: wear them badges yo!

I’ll be sporting a different one with you for most of December... because you have never suffered more than standing on the Northern line in rush hour, the night after that work do.
Overweight etiquette

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