Reasons 1,2 3, 4 and 5: You can’t drink

LOLs but seriously though, it is rough. In reality I lost the will to drink midway through the month but the expectation of alcohol consumption during December in this country is insane so I end up feeling guilty if I go home early from a Christmas do.

There was a news story the other day asking if people felt pressure to drink more in the festive season and I have to say that I do. This isn’t really the case in good ole NZ where you’re lucky to get one Christmas party thrown for you. In London though, if you work in media you could easily go to a party every night of the week.

As you may have guessed from my enthusiasm for chocolate biscuits and hot booze I have no willpower and I work in media so yeah, I’m broken. Turns out this 29 year old liver just ain’t what she used to be.

Maybe it’s just me but I love a good wallow in self pity when I’m feeling a bit ill so here goes my list of why festive flu, particularly in a city like London, is the absolute worst....

  1. You're on a festive fun time limit. London is amaaaazing at Christmas time and every day you’re sick in bed is a day you miss out and about ogling the beautiful lights and getting teary at carol singers that seem to pop up everywhere before POOF! It's January and everything goes back to grey and depressing. 
  2. Office martyrs. People keep coming to the office even if they’re on death’s door. This is the typical London mentality whereby people think that you need to physically show how godawful you look rather than risk staying home and being quietly judged.
  3. The tube. See above reason and imagine riding the Northern line where you will definitely be within breathing range of at least three martyrs coughing and sneezing their way to the office.
  4. FOMO. Fear of missing out is one of my top phobias and it only intensifies in London at Christmas time where you have to be strategic about which events to attend. Unfortunately I was not strategic and went to them all which is how I got myself into this snotty position. 
  5. Your mum doesn't live here. I don't know anyone who has parents living in London but if I did there would be some major envy going on right now. Being sick as a grown up is hard enough let alone when your mum is halfway round the world instead of down the road where she can bring you chicken soup and cuddles. Shout out to my mum who would overreact at the slightest cough and smother me with attention as a child. I really pity the Blonde Kiwi who now has to fill this position (and is doing a mighty fine job I might add).

Anyways it's nearly Christmas so enough of the moaning and time for me to get back some of the festive spirit I was so intoxicated with (literally) a few weeks ago.

Now Christmas is no time for anyone to be healthy but how I'm feeling has actually got me considering taking part in dry January which is the first time that any dry month has ever appealed to me. Ok I’m going to share something slightly alarming with you because we’re all friends here - I can’t actually remember the last time I went four weeks without booze. Yep. So if it happens it will be a challenge to say the least.

As I mentioned earlier, willpower is not my strong point but seeing as I have this blog thing now I figure it's a bit more motivation to actually stick to my guns so this is me almost sort of making a commitment. A friend of mine mentioned she’s going to do vegetarian January so figure I may as well go full health and try that as well. Watch this space...for now though you'll find me on the hot toddys in Budapest.

5 reasons why festive flu is the worst
Photo credit: Bekathwia

Merry Christmas!!!

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