Hello, my name's Amanda. Here's a pic of me in my element. Eating a delicious sandwich. Pleased to meet you.

French frites sandwich

For the past few months (okay five) I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new blog. If there’s one thing I am highly skilled in, it’s procrastinating. The trouble was that the more I researched and tried to hone in on my ‘niche’ (ugh) the more I strayed from what I set out originally to do - write!

So here I am, finally, actually, for real writing. Huzzah.

I think my issue was that I got so hung up on thinking about what I should be writing about that I forgot what I actually enjoy writing about. So after a bit of soul searching I realised that I’m happiest when rambling about the random stuff that topples out of my brain. It’s like my form of meditation or mindfulness or whatever they’re calling it these days.

In my quest for a theme, target audience, blahblahblah, I read a lot of blogs. I discovered some very impressive sites but very few that really spoke to me as a human being. I struggled to identify with the majority of the writers even though they were supposedly sharing their life with me. The issue I had was that they were always a little too shiny to be believable. I can’t fathom having the motivation to make a chia seed smoothie, spend an hour painting my face, blowing out my hair to perfection and meditating for 40 minutes all before work in the morning. I also don’t own a spiralizer.

Ok this is awkward, I’ve actually got to take a break already but with good reason - my dinner delivery is here…

Righto I’m back and yes thank you it was delicious. Vietnamese fresh spring rolls and super authentic chicken Pho. After almost a year living in Vietnam, I came to appreciate food on a whole new level and that meal is like a big cuddle for your soul (and also an amazing breakfast option if you can stomach it!) NOM.

Vietnamese Pho

But enough about food... for now. Before we go any further together I just want to establish a few things. Firstly, you are always welcome here. Sit down, make a cuppa and get comfy. Secondly, everything that goes on here is real. I don’t want to make out like my life is better than yours - I have Facebook for that HA! Finally, expect a lot of chat about food, travel - I’m a kiwi living in London so I get around- and probably TV shows. I heart Netflix. So much.

Anyway thanks for stopping by, I hope we’ll get along - I’m counting on you to keep me motivated and off the road to temptation (i.e. Netflix and Buzzfeed). Ta ta for now...I’m off to watch Homeland.
PS: Thank you to my lovely French flattie and my partner in crime (the Blonde kiwi) for telling me to get off my ass and just write what I feel like. It feels good. Oh and if you’re interested in how un-Instagram friendly my breakfast today was, check this out…#nofilter


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