Ok confession. I am really shit at motivating myself to write about our travel adventures. I used to write loads when we were travelling South East Asia which I am really thankful for as now I can go back and actually help when people ask me for tips. Because as amazing as you remember that temple in Bangkok being, there ain’t no way you’re going to remember the name of it or how to get there unless you have it down in writing.

The trouble with my old blogs was that I tended to write EVERYTHING so they’re super long and wordy. I love words but realise 1500 of them in one sitting isn’t a great reader experience when you just want to know the best place to go for Pho in Ho Chi Minh City.

So here I go, writing my first travel related post in a new streamlined fashion. In fact, let’s make it a list - everyone loves a good list. Here are my tips for Dublin...


1. My top tip for when in Dublin: be a shameless tourist
There’s really something to be said for it from time to time. Yes I get you want that authentic experience but luckily in Dublin, the city feels made for the likes of us camera toting, google map consulting travellers. Embrace it peeps.

2. When you arrive do a walking tour
Sandemans are an amazing company that don’t charge you outright, you simply pay your tour guide what you think the tour was worth at the end. I’ve done these all over Europe (Berlin was the best) and only ever had one crap one (Edinburgh). Dublin doesn’t disappoint...and we did it in pouring rain.

3. Drink all the drinks
Sight drinking is a thing in Dublin. Most of the really touristy activities centre around that favoured Irish past time and I’m totally ok with that. When we arrived we went straight to the Temple bar area which is confusing because it is a bar, a street and an area - go figure! We went to the actual Temple bar (pub) which is apparently a tourist trap but we had a great old time watching traditional Irish musicians, drinking Guinness (standard) and somewhat unexpectedly eating some of the best sandwiches we’ve ever tried!

4. The Guinness storehouse
Major tip here - buy your ticket online. This saves you about an hour of queuing and saves you 10%. We were pretty smug strolling by the people lined up out the door. Ok so this is crowded, overpriced and another ‘trap’ I suppose but I was having such a jolly time being a tourist that I actually enjoyed it. Plus you get to pour your own pint AND you get a certificate. Happy days.

Guinness Storehouse

5. The Irish Whiskey Museum
We were keen to check out the Jamesons distillery but alas they were booked out so I’d advise also booking online for that one. However our walking tour guide recommended the Irish Whiskey Museum which was really cute. The tasting is the best part obvs but there’s an adorable older gent who takes you through the history of the drink which is interesting too. Upgrade to VIP for an extra 3 Euro and you get a mini tasting glass plus an extra tasting of the fancy one (worth it).

Tasting Whiskey in Ireland

6. Eat, drink some more and be merry Another walking tour recommendation was a pub called O’Neills on Suffolk St. We saw a traditional Irish dance performance, sampled excellent Irish coffee (a must try in Dublin) and dinner included four different types of potato. Nuff said.

Irish Food

7. And finally, be prepared for expensive inner city accom It’s worth it because the weather is so crap you won’t fancy walking far. Although we did find taxis were EVERYWHERE (probably something to do with said weather mixed with a lot of drunk people) and reasonable. We stayed at The Charles Stewart and it was nice enough, just quite pricey for what it was (old as shit).

So that’s my little Dublin list. We only had one full day and a couple of nights there so couldn’t dig too far into the city but if you fancy a weekend break where drinking is considered a cultural experience then get in!

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